Camden SaferTravel header

Camden LGBT Forum - Safer Travel

Through popup-ads on Grindr (a social network for gay men) the Camden LGBT Forum ran a targeted campaign to promote safer travel. The website includes safety tips...

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MTVmobileMaxx header

MTV mobile maxx

Special one-off mobile landingpages for an upgrade promotion. SMS messages have been sent out to all customers of MTV mobile Switzerland to introduce a new rate plan....

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ipad 1 b

upc: play and win

As part of the 2012 campaign, upc cablecom wants to make the key message «Fiber Power: Surf 5x faster than with DSL» interactively tangible. As part of my...

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Layout EMA Startpage 1024

MTV: EMA Contest

For the 2012 MTV European Music Awards we produced a bespoke social-media-integrated campaign. The goal was not only to improve sales on the MTV mobile website, but...

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NewsNetWideBoardDE 1024

upc: Horizon Premium Banner

As part of a major campaign to introduce upc cablecom's new sub-brand horizon to Swiss customers, we developed a wide range online ads. Fully interactive expandable banners...

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20110720 plakat ohneBeschnitt 705

Alle Werden

The movie "Alle Werden" (German for "Everybody is becomming") portraits a close friendship that suddenly gets complicated as the two friends grow older... The director Piet Baumgartner, a...

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marcstone SS12 website composite

Marc Stone AW12

In collaboration with Cait Dobozi (coordinator and makeup-artist), and the designer Marc Stone, I developed a minimalistic set design for the lookbook of the Autum/Winter 2012 collection. On...

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dreamcloud logo still


It’s the end of a long and crazy day and you’re exhausted. You have a lot on your mind; experiences you had during the day, issues that...

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111209 neon mikado 3121 1024

NEON Moments

An independent project with make-up artist Cait Dobozi, stylist Ciara Frey and photographer Michelle Aimee Oesch. Inspired by neon colors, geometry and lines, we set out to shoot...

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Rebranding of FORTUNE Fund Services AG to ACOLIN Fund Services AG. In the name-finding process we developed several alternative corporate designs with the client. The final design is...

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Screen Shot 2013 09 03 at 09.00.28


In a interdisciplinary project at Zurich University of the Arts, we developed creative solutions to deal with the topic of sustainable living and resource awareness. Our group dealt with...

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Nine Planets

Production design for a space-themed pop music video for uprising Swiss pop singer Junior Little. On an extremely tight budget, we developed a set design for several locations as...

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Screen Shot 2013 09 04 at 00.06.36

Hamilton: Time Shift

Set Design for the Winning Film of Hamiltons 2010 Short Movies Contest. In collaboration with: Directors Cosima Frei and Maria Brendle My Work: Set Design goal was to disguise your...

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perfectDinner table

Das perfekte Dinner

Set design, set construction and props for an abstract family drama short movie. On a very tight budget we re-built the kitchen and decorated several rooms in an...

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